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Since 2003 the Point-of-Care management system POCcelerator™ has been organising the daily POCT operations of hospitals throughout Europe. Within a single solution POCcelerator™ manages patient results, quality control, operators, reagents and devices. The data is presented in a clear and structured format in order to achieve regulatory guidelines. Utilizing our core expertise of POCT interface development gained over 15 years, Conworx guarantees a secure and robust connection for more than 150 different POCT device models.

Since our inception in 1999, Conworx has specialized in the development of laboratory point-of-care device interfaces and data management solutions. We have become experts in the field of interface development, application development and data management with more than 1700+ hospitals utilizing our IT solutions worldwide.

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Role in the project

Conworx will - together with Philips - plan, prepare and install the instrument integrated in the hospital workflow and monitor the device, its use, diagnostic results, product support and will analyze improvements.

The main measures for the Conworx work package are:

  • Increased patient safety by integration of the device into hospital workflow
  • Quality of test data for medical decision making
  • Wins in efficiency for treatment decisions
  • Quantity and quality of data exchange

Key personnel assigned to the project

Lawrence Bayley, MSC, MBA
Director Product Management.

Tino Uhlig, MSc
Tino is Head of software development and joined Conworx in 2005. He is the product know-how on development side.

Hans Maack, Dr
Hans is Head of customer support and Senior Product specialist. He joined Conworx in 2006 and has intensive knowledge about Point-of-Care Testing in hospitals.

Roman Rosenkranz, MSc, MBA
Roman is the CEO and Co-founder of Conworx. He has 14 years of experience with Point-of-Care management and regularly speaks at Point-of-Care Testing congresses.